Review of Hacking ISIS by New York Journal of Books

From Review: “Americans should pay close attention to Malcolm Nance. A former naval counterterrorism officer, Nance understands both human and cyber intelligence; and he applies both to explain with great

The Accountability for torture

BBC Panorama covers CIA Torture program examined including demonstration of S.E.R.E. training segments where two journalists are put through walling, stress positions, confinement box and waterboarding.  View on YouTube Related

Jihadi Selfies and the Thrill Kill Cult: The Evolution of AQ/ISIL Media Machine

Download PDF TAPSTRI-Jihadi Selfies and The Thrill Kill Cult. CLICK HERE I. Introduction There has been a revolutionary shift in the media usage of jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda ISIL, and its

Doping in cycling – A Simpleton’s view

It has been extremely exasperating to watch the headlines relating to Lance Armstrong, Doping, and Cycling. The most irritating part of the whole story is watching faux experts on cycling

The REAL Trina Bachtel Story

UPDATES: The Washington Post has written a story confirming the familiy account. See our latest story: “Washington Post: Clinton Told True Tale of Woe, Says Kin[Updated].” And Jake Tapper of

The Window on Tibet

The situation it Tibet under Chinese rule persists. Here is a special I produced for KPFT on the issues.  

Simon Shaheen

One of the most recognized masters of the oud, Simon Shaheen visited to support his new CD “Blue Flame” and to preview his concert.

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

On the eve of his performance in downtown Houston, Omar Faruk Tekbilek and I had a chance to talk about his art and the vibes in the Houston air that