On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, Katy Tur spoke with former FBI Special Agent Frank Figliuzzi and Chris Sampson about the pending threats around the 2020 Election. Online chatter and real world comments indicate there is a serious threat of retribution if Trump legitimately loses the election. As Trump consistently tells his supporters there is only one way he’d lose, rigged and stolen election, his supporters then feel no other possibility exists. This has created an unparalleled threat problem with talk of violence.


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Hacking ISIS released in April 2017
An overview of the ISIS online battlespace and players, Hacking ISIS covers the ISIS internet campaign to recruit, embolden and deploy its terrorist network reach. From Propaganda releases to their script kiddie hackers, we look at their operations and the counter-operations by nation states, organizations and individuals. As the physical caliphate dissolves the group will turn more and more to its online resources to extend its reach and longevity. Available now.



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In Putin’s Asymmetric Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe, we learn about Vladimir Putin’s rise to power through the KGB to mayor of St. Petersburg and eventually as head of the Russian state. We discover the history of how Putin used classic Cold War KGB tactics by weaponizing civil society, culture, ideology, and Russia’s criminal element against the nascent Russian democracy by cultivating and using ties to NGOs, thinktanks, extremist political groups, the Russian orthodox church, industrial and energy policy, and the Russian Mafia. We also see how the Kremlin then exported this political extortion, intimidation, and monetary corruption first to its Eastern European neighbors, then their western partners in the European Union, and how it has now landed on America’s shores.


Plot To Hack America
Plot To Destroy Democracy
Plot To Betray America

Defeating ISIS
New book by Malcolm Nance
There are a few books out on the topic of ISIS but there is only one that is basically an encyclopedia and I was very honored to do lots of research for this book. At over 550 pages, it is a great reference for your library if you want to know how this terrorist organization came to be, where they are, who they are, and how to defeat them. Malcolm Nance is a recognized authority on the topic and this book brings forth more of his knowledge on the topic. This is the second book I helped to develop behind his revamp of The Terrorists of Iraq. After nearly two decades of work in the arts and culture of the Middle East, North Africa and Indian subcontinent, its important to understand how this group is devastating the people in these regions and how to put a stop to their destruction.