OMArtists.com Debuts In June 2016
The new magazine site is just about complete. After 20 years or more of working for musicians, I’ve decided its time to launch a web magazine devoted to the artists and arts I’ve enjoyed most of my life. Even better, I was able to wrangle in some of those great friends and bring their efforts to you. We aim to include articles, lessons, tour info, reviews and surprises. Don’t you love surprises?

New DVD on the way
The Tabla of Benares featuring Shawn Mativetsky
A new instructional video that we filmed a few years back in Austin will finally make its way to the menu of lesson material to expand your knowledge of Indian drumming. Taught by Shawn Mativetsky, disciple of Pandit Sharda Sahai, the DVD will help you learn and play a tabla solo in the style of the Benares players otherwise known as the Benares baj. Stay tuned here and at OMRadio.com of course.

Defeating ISIS
New book by Malcolm Nance
There are a few books out on the topic of ISIS but there is only one that is basically an encyclopedia and I was very honored to do lots of research for this book. At over 550 pages, it is a great reference for your library if you want to know how this terrorist organization came to be, where they are, who they are, and how to defeat them. Malcolm Nance is a recognized authority on the topic and this book brings forth more of his knowledge on the topic. This is the second book I helped to develop behind his revamp of The Terrorists of Iraq. After nearly two decades of work in the arts and culture of the Middle East, North Africa and Indian subcontinent, its important to understand how this group is devastating the people in these regions and how to put a stop to their destruction.