Chris Sampson is an independent journalist, blogger, media developer, musicologist and musician. With a productions ranging from radio broadcasts, concerts and special events, and media production for independent artists and non-prof organizations, Sampson has worked with a range of artistic talent from around the world. As a specialist in music he built hundreds of websites for musicians and organizations and promoted instruction and concerts both in his native Texas region and at events around the United States. As a journalist his work ranges from local news coverage and interviews to specials on Tibet, Haiti, and world conflicts in both print and radio. As an activist, he’s been involved in anti-death penalty, anti-Apartheid, and anti-torture activities.

As the founder of Octagonal Madness and OMRadio.com, his primary work has been to help artists of all kinds to engage their entrepreneurial needs with website development, print packages, album art and endless hours spent coaching creative people in their pursuit to express their voice to the desired audience. He has built over 300 websites, 7 Instructional videos, and promoting concerts large and small. Clients have included Glen Velez, Howard Levy, members of Paul Simon’s band, Bernie Worrell, Domo Records, Cooperman Fife and Drum Company and over a hundred top artists from the drumming world to the Indian music greats like Pt Sharda Sahai, Pt Swapan Chaudhuri, Trichy Sankaran, Ganesh Kumar, Subash Chandran, Selva Ganesh, Steve Gorn, Warren Senders, and more. He is also the developer behind Framedrums.org and other ventures to highlight world music styles and instruments.

Starting in radio in the mid-90s, Sampson learned the technical production and hosting skills needed in independent radio. Seeking to continue specialized investigation into the facts surrounding the Iraq war, his efforts led to archiving massive amounts of audio and video actualities from US and Foreign leaders before eventually simply recording large blocks of news starting from 2000-present day. After a decade of doings so he divided up many of the core topics that had emerged including the outing of Valerie Plame, torture and rendition cases, and the relationship between intelligence and interrogation and the efforts to defeat terrorist organizations by the US government and allies.

Currently, Mr Sampson is focused on the topic of national security and torture accountability. His interviews on the topic have included quality voices on interrogation, waterboarding, prosecution of US torturers with inĀ the field interrogators, SERE instructors, lawyers for GITMO detainees, and anti-torture advocates.
These interviews can be found at his site, VeracityRadio.com

His latest effort is the forthcoming book Hacking ISIS with Malcolm Nance and was previously lead researcherĀ on the New York Times Bestselling book Defeating ISIS with Malcolm Nance.