Review of Hacking ISIS by New York Journal of Books

From Review:
“Americans should pay close attention to Malcolm Nance. A former naval counterterrorism officer, Nance understands both human and cyber intelligence; and he applies both to explain with great clarity the threats from two major adversaries—ISIS and Russia.

Nance has already provided invaluable lessons about ISIS in his 2016 Defeating ISIS. And he has given fascinating background about Russia’s 2016 election hacking and possible recruitment of American espionage resources in The Plot to Hack America (2016).

Hacking ISIS: How to Destroy the Cyber Jihad is Nance’s latest book, co-authored with cyber-terrorism expert Chris Sampson. The foreword, by ex-FBI agent Ali Soufan, lays out the book’s purpose and intended audience. The authors “have produced a brilliant resource to educate cyber security specialists, politicians, and the general public about the future risks of how ISIS’s ideology may spread further in the cyber world.” Soufan concludes that “this book will help our cyber warriors and decision-makers defeat them once and for all.”
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