The REAL Trina Bachtel Story - Apr 9, 2008

UPDATES: The Washington Post has written a story confirming the familiy account. See our latest story: “Washington Post: Clinton Told True Tale of Woe, Says Kin[Updated].”

And Jake Tapper of ABC News has more — “Is Hillary’s Much-Maligned Hospital Story Fundamentally True?.” Tapper refers to the story below: “The website NoQuarterUSA today pointed out what Holman’s full story was — and his full story is significant.”

The Clinton campaign is being accused of lying about the hospital story that Hillary Clinton has told to audiences on the campaign trail. Now Fox News is parsing the history of the event that ABC fully published on its Web site (VIDEO below). In that video, Bryan Holman is shown telling Hillary the story that she tells on the trail. The NY Times has published a report in which O’Bleness Hospital said they did not turn her away. But, that isn’t what Bryan Holman said in the first place. I have confirmed with Deputy Holman that he did not say O’Bleness denied Ms. Bachtel. It was another hospital that denied her. He is also clear that she wasn’t denied over a co-payment as some have speculated. I will keep you updated here at NoQuarter as this story develops.

The thing you have to see is that this isn’t “THE HOSPITAL” in question. Bryan Holman said that after being denied, she went to another hospital.

Here’s the video of Bryan Holman telling the story unedited. (Note: in the middle he states she was denied treatment then went to another hospital, the O’Bleness hospital.)


“I’d like to tell you the story of a young woman I know that didn’t have health insurance . She worked in a little pizza place around here and she was pregnant worked for minimum wage . She went to the hospital, and the hospital told her she needed $100 up front, which she didn’t have of course didn’t make a lot of money . So they had billed her a couple of times for it. And uh, after getting pregnant she went back, like I say, she went back again, they told her she needed $100 she didn’t have . So they refused to see her because she had a bill and stuff and been there before. So she went to another local hospital . They seen her and stopped her labor and told her to come back in two days. Well before she got back within those two days her baby died . So they life-flighted her to Co…to a hospital in Columbus and within 15 days she died . And they come to find out that they had misdiagnosed what the problem was . And it was a smaller hospital, didn’t have the needs to take care of what she needed at that time. But um, her family and them think that if she had had good insurance and stuff and she was taken care of at the first hospital of course that had the medical means to take care of her that her and her baby of course would still be here. Its just you know the health insurance thing really needs to be addressed for people who you know work for minimum wage and different things.”

These are the other two hospitals in the area. (Note: Deputy Holman said there would be even more hospitals that people might go to.)

Holzer Medical Center Gallipolis
100 Jackson Pike
Gallipolis OH 45631-1560
(20 miles away from her)


Pleasant Valley Hospital
2520 Valley Drive
Pleasant Point, WV 25550
(12 miles away)

O’Bleness is 25 miles away and is the second hospital that Trina Bachtel went to for care. Deputy Holman is a friend of the family, so there is no reason to doubt him despite O’Bleness’s denials because they are the second hospital he mentions did give her some care, though a bit too late to save her obviously. We know from Deputy Holman’s account that Trina Bachtel’s child didn’t die at the facility she was denied at, so O’Bleness broke patient confidentiality for no reason beyond protecting their own behind. It was already known that Tray Dean Hutton died at O’Bleness, according to his obituary in the Daily Sentinel, a local newspaper.

The Obituary for Tray Dean Hutton

Tray Dean Hutton
Publish Date: August 5, 2007
Document ID: 11ADD67882B3F888

Tray Dean Hutton, the son of Tony M. Hutton and Trina L. Bachtel of Rutland, was stillborn, August 1, 2007 at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital , Athens. Also surviving is a sister, Jessi Hutton, Rutland; grandparents, Ronnie & Diane Bachtel, Chester, Oh. and Charles & Minnie Young, Langsville, Ohio; great grandmothers, May Mayle, Pomeroy and Vivian Coy, Rutland; and several aunts, uncles and cousins.”

And Trina Bachtel died two weeks later in Columbus at OSU Medical Center in Columbus.

Trina Bachtel Obituary

MIDDLEPORT – Trina Larae Bachtel, 35, Middleport, passed away on August 15, 2007, at OSU Medical Center in Columbus . She was born on Nov. 25, 1971, in Gallipolis, daughter of Diane L. and Ronald H. Bachtel. She was employed as a manager at Pizza Hut.

She was preceded by an infant son, Trey Dean Hutton; paternal grandparents, Audrey and Willard Jeffers, and her father-in-law, Eugene Hutton. She is survived by her mother and father, Diane L. and Ronald H. Bachtel, Chester; her fiance, . . .

SO MY QUESTION IS: What part of this doesn’t check out?

1. CLAIM: Hillary clearly states “I was told a story”

FACT: Bryan Holman tells hospital story to Hillary

2. CLAIM: Hillary was told that Trina Bachtel did not have insurance.

FACTS: Bryan Holman did tell Hillary she didn’t have insurance. The hospital at which her baby was still-born has broken patient confidentiality and said she had insurance. We know nothing about her insurance, or if she was charged a co-payment, but the Washington Post reported that Bachtel previously had thousands of dollars in hospital debt, which was paid off by 2005. Today, Deputy Holman was clear that the $100 wasn’t a co-payment. If she went to a hospital other than O’Bleness, as he reports, we don’t know what that hospital would have said about insurance. How it is possible that she would have had “thousands of dollars in hospital debt” before 2005, and suddenly have insurance?

3. CLAIM: She went to the hospital, and the hospital told her she needed $100 up front.

FACTS: This claim still is not refuted because Deputy Holman says she went to another hospital, which was O’Bleness. What this means is that we don’t know if she went to Holzer Medical or Pleasant Valley Hospital. Holman states she “she didn’t have of course didn’t make a lot of money.” And today, the deputy, and family friend, confirms that this wasn’t a co-payment.

4. CLAIM: Before she got back, within those two days her baby died.

FACTS: Her baby died August 1, 2007 at O’Bleness hospital.

5. CLAIM: “So they life-flighted her to C…to a hospital in Columbus and within 15 days she died.”

FACTS: Trina Bachtel died two weeks later “August 15, 2007, at OSU Medical Center in Columbus” according to her obituary in the Daily Sentinel (local paper).

6. CLAIM: Hillary told a false story.

FACT: No! Hillary told the story she was told. And why would they need have fact-checked it beyond the word of the local sheriff who is a friend of the family without going to the family itself and saying “did she have insurance”? This is anachronistic hindsight. But we know that the friend of the family, a DEPUTY SHERIFF said, “Her family and them think that if she had had good insurance and stuff and she was taken care of at the first hospital of course that had the medical means to take care of her that her and her baby of course would still be here” . So are we now going to ignore the word of a deputy who is close to the family? The last time I checked, a deputy is considered a reliable source with whom to confirm a story.

It is nice to have hindsight, but take a look at the clip that was shot by a friend of mine on the evening of February 25, 2008

Hillary told the story dead on according what she was told, and there is still no refutation of these claims. O’Bleness can say she wasn’t denied, but that isn’t what Holman said, as he said O’Bleness took her in. O’Bleness is where the child died, consistent with story.

The whole story is still quite intact and it is unfortunate that the Clinton campaign has backed off the story out, perhaps being gun-shy at this point, and that Bryan Holman’s credibility has been impugned for no reason. He didn’t mention which hospitals or her name, but now we have hindsight to get this info. But here’s the info, you tell me: What is false about this story.


Fact Check on Clinton Hospital Report

Will the various press outlets, YouTubers and bloggers update it, or will they continue to call Hillary a liar when I’ve clearly demonstrated she didn’t lie. And Bryan Holman doesn’t appear to have lied at all. The story still demonstrates the messed-up health system that left a young woman and her child dead within two weeks of each other, and leaves her family in anguish.

When I told Deputy Holman that I had surfaced a good dozen stories about people being denied around the country for money besides this, he said, “Man, I could give you tons more stories than that, it’s crazy how many people have faced it around here.”

Let’s give them a voice.

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